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    Kindness to You is Kindness to Me; Kindness to Me is Kindness to You

    Kindness to You is Kindness to Me; Kindness to Me is Kindness to YouI usually describe a practice as something to do: get on your own side, see the being behind the eyes, take in the good, etc. This practice is different: it’s something to recognize. From this recognition, appropriate action will follow. Let me explain. More

    Can You Really Multitask?

    Can You Really Multitask?Men and women have an ongoing joke about multitasking, except it really isn't a joke at all. Because they are mothers, wives, have professions, are employees and are daughters, they are constantly juggling multiple tasks. To illustrate this, there was a Psychology Today article entitled "Why I Need a Wife." It was written by a woman who, having too many things to do argued that she needed the benefits that husbands enjoy: More

    What is Positive Psychology?

    What is Positive Psychology?It's important to understand that positive psychology does not pretend that life is easy or assume that there are no problems. Quite to the contrary, it is acknowledged that in life there are those times when people experience sad events, tragedies and full blown crises. However... More

    Winter and Spring 2017 Grief and Loss

    Take a moment to read about Candles Used in Both Death and Dying, Hollywood Fan Grief, or Where to Begin. More...