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Chemical Dependency Services

D.B.-- SEABHS Staff

SEABHS substance abuse treatment programs are committed to improving the quality of life for the people we serve in a respectful, caring and sensitive manner. Our programs are built around the belief that the problems created by the use of drugs and alcohol can be stopped through the development and implementation of personal plans of recovery.

SEABHS treatment programs stress the importance of family recovery. Substance abuse is a problem that affects not only the individual but also the people who live with and care about the individual. To accomplish family recovery SEABHS offers a variety of programs and services.

The services offered include:

Substance Abuse Education: Group sessions focused on education about drugs of abuse and the effects on the individual and family.

Substance Abuse Education for Families: Education groups for family members offering age-appropriate information to parents, spouses and children from substance abuse affected families.

Intensive Outpatient Programs: This is designed for those people and families who need a higher level of support. It involves a minimum of 9 hours per week of group treatment in addition to other necessary services the family may need.

Outpatient Group: A three- hour per week group program with the goal of assisting the individual to develop a relapse prevention plan. People may be referred directly into this service or may be recommended to attend this group as a follow-up to the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Continuing Care Groups: Usually a follow up group to the Outpatient Group, the goal of the Continuing Care Group is to provide on-going support and counseling to individuals who are transitioning to life after the end of treatment.

Family Group: Throughout the course of treatment family group is offered. This is to help the entire family, spouses, parents and children, in making the changes needed for a substance-free life. Families receive support, education and counseling.

Individual Counseling: One- to- one sessions with the Substance Abuse or Mental Health Counselors is offered as an adjunct to the treatment program.

Family Counseling: This is an important component of the treatment program designed to assist families on an individual basis in making changes, improving communications and developing plans of recovery.

Residential Treatment: SEABHS believes it is important for people to remain in their communities, families and jobs during the treatment process. However there are times when a person is unable to succeed in the outpatient setting. For those individuals SEABHS counselors assist in finding residential placement through insurance, SEABHS contracts or other public programs. Upon discharge from the residential setting, individuals are encouraged to enroll in the outpatient programs.

In addition to these programs, specialty groups are available through SEABHS or by referral to other agencies. These include Anger Management groups, gender specific groups like Women's Groups, groups for Pregnant and Parenting Women, Parenting Programs, and Psychiatric services.











If you have questions, know someone who wants to become involved in Substance Abuse Treatment or want services for yourself contact the local SEABHS office.