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Grievance and Appeals

Dan Barden

SEABHS staff hope that members are satisfied with the services they receive through us. If you are unhappy with services we hope you will speak directly to one of our Clinic Supervisors about the issue and allow us to help you get resolution to your concerns. We always want tot have the opportunity to make services better and best do so by listening to you, the people we serve.


However if you choose to file a complaint or a grievance SEABHS staff are available to assist. Persons with a Serious Mental Illness are eligible to file complaints with the Regional Behavioral Health Authority or directly to the appropriate department of state government. SEABHS staff will provide you a copy of the grievance form PM form 5.3.1 ADHS/DBHS Appeal or SMI Grievance form and assist you in filling it out  and faxing it to the appropriate agency if needed.


The ADHS /DBHS Office of Human Rights is also available to assist persons with serious mental illness through advocacy. They are available at 1-800-421-2124.